Author: Bryce Horn

BSc (Hons) Physical chemistry. A lecturer. A friend. Good listener. Try to help people using what I've got.

Run from These Foods If You have Depression-Foods Not Good for Depression

Do you feel happy when you eat? Yes, right? Foods make everyone’s mood better. But not all foods are suitable for everyone. People who have depression should avoid some food for their good. So these foods not good for depression, those will make it harder to cure. Those foods are kind of popularity among people. […]

How to overcome post-graduate depression – Symptoms and solutions for overcome

Depression is the most common mental disorder among university student as well as university leavers. Believe me, I had the same problem, because I was a university student too. So let me show how to overcome post-graduate depression with few steps. Many students do hard work with the help of sleeping pills, red bulls and […]

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