Depression in girl – She needs immediate care

Depression in girl

Depression is one of the most common mental disorder around the world. Over 80 million people are affected by depression at least once in their lifetime. However, depression affects girls more than boys. This maybe your mother, sister, friend or girlfriend. So let’s find out more about depression in girl, how it affects them.

Sadness without a reason is the simplest example of depression. Usually, girls are more like being alone than boys. But this is not the same situation. You will understand this after reading this article; depression in girl.

We have to give more attention to this situation because girls have a very short red line. If they cross it, it ends up in suicide. Also these effects for their family life, personal life, career and relationships.

Please note: In here I’m writing about the girl’s depression, not the women. Depression in women and depression in girl are two different areas.

Reasons for depression in girl?

There are many reasons for depression in girl. Sometimes this may be a family or a personal life problem. That is the most common reasons around the world.

1 – Change of brain chemistry – Hormone changes

2 – Puberty – Starting and disorders of the menstrual cycle

3 – Body figure issues – Thinking of their appearance is not good

4 – Sexual or mental abuse – This includes physical and mental abuse

5 – Relationship problemBreaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend

6 – Problem with friends – Losing of a friend, rejection

7 – Alcohol or drug addiction – Addiction they try to quit, but they cannot

8 – Family problem – may be a parent’s matters or low care of parents

9 – Loneliness or isolation – Lack of social engaging

10 – Bullying – Bullying in the school, university or workplace

11 – Losing someone love – Death of loved one

Note: Girls brain secretes more stress hormone than boys

Depression in girl

Signs/symptoms of depression in girl

Signs of depression in girl vary from girl to girl. It depends on how their body and mind react for it and how much time it takes. Sometimes there may be only one symptom or there may be few. So give a close look at her.

1 – Feeling hopeless or helpless – You/her feel empty. Positive thought vanished. Feel like nothing will get better and there is nothing you/her can do the situation better.

2 – Feeling hopeless or helpless – You/her feel empty. Positive thought vanished. Feel like nothing will get better and there is nothing you/her can do the situation better.

3 – Loneliness – If you feel loneliness for a long time, give some attention to it. Because loneliness and depression are directly connected.

4 – Appetite change and weight change – This may vary from girl to girl. Someone will eat a lot of foods, another one maybe eat less. Point is a sudden change in the usual routine. This may also result in a sudden weight lose or gain.

5 – Angry mood – When this mood is on, a depressed girl trying to remove her angry through the others. It happens without knowing.

6 – Out of focus and concentration

7 – Sleeping difficulties

8 – Out of order – You/she feel so much tiredness, fatigue, pain in the body. If someone who was active and now isn’t, maybe she has depression.

9 – Headache – This is called depression headache. Mostly occur when the body feels so much sadness or loneliness.

10 – Suicide attempt – This is the final and worst stage of the depression.

Above are the most common reasons for the depression. Check whether you/she have at least 2 of these.

How to get rid of depression?

Getting rid of depression is a kind of hard thing to do. But if you have the good dedication you can go through this.

+ Go outside – Go outside, maybe a park, a playground, a football match or a musical show. Interact with some good people. Sometimes this will become hard for you. But it will help you.

+ Talk – Talk to a close friend. If you don’t have one, find. There are a lot of kind persons and good listeners. Also, parents are good listeners. Talk to them, tell them how you feel. They will help you.

+ Do not be alone – Do not be alone at your home or a room. This brings you depressive thoughts aka sadness more and more.

+ Take a good sleep – This will not work if you have sleeping difficulty. If not get a good sleep around 6 – 7 hours. In a few weeks, you will be a fresh one.

+ Have a pet – Having a pet will make you happy and reduce your loneliness.

+ Take medical help – Find the nearest medical counsellor and talk to them. If you are in school, there is a school counsellor. If you don’t want to talk to them there are a lot of local mental health services and psychologists, they are the professional of your condition. So don’t worry.

Depression in girl

How to help a girl with depression?

Helping someone with depression is one of the coolest things you can do in your lifetime. This maybe your relative, friend or a person you don’t know. But you will become a life savior. For your knowledge, I will mention some common steps to help a girl with depression.

+ Try to close to her – Do not rush to get close to her. If you feel like she is in depression, talk to her normal way. Don’t ask directly about her condition.

+ Don’t make her feel alone – Let her know, there is always someone care about her. Do this at least she becomes better. Text her, definitely on the night.

+ Try to change her mind – Make her forgot the problems that make her sick. For example, If she is in a relationship problem, try to convey about the friendship is bigger than the relationship.

+ Be socialize – Go to a public place with her or maybe a garden, aquarium or whatever she likes a lot. Surprise her. That will also change the brain hormones.

+ Take her to medical help – If nothing work, you have to take her to a psychologist. They will understand the disorder and treat it well

What are the things do not do?

There are many things you/she should not do. If not, the depression level will increase. Most of these are hard to do because the brain is in a depressed condition and it trying to avoid these things.

Do not……

  • use liquor
  • try to be alone
  • eat foods that increase the depression level
  • listen to sad songs or watch sad movies
  • try to cut yourself
  • avoid your friends
  • avoid your daily schedule


If someone says “I feel sad for no reason” or a similar one, she may have depression disorder. They usually seem to find, but inside they are dying. Remember! depression is the most common mental disorder that can be cured.

BSc (Hons) Physical chemistry. A lecturer. A friend. Good listener. Try to help people using what I've got.

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