How Can a Girl Attract Another Girl – 14 Amazing Steps

how can a girl attract another girl

You are still single, right? and tired of being single? You are feeling low because you keep attracting to unavailable women? If yes, this article for you. I will show you, how can a girl attract another girl by using few steps.

Love is a magical thing. But first, you have to fight for it. Not for you and or anyone reading this article. In here I’m talking about how to change your inside and remove the old lesbian lady that lives inside your head.

If you want to end your boring and lonely life and find a good, loving and caring girlfriend, you need some hard work. I’m not going to lie to you. But you have to fight. For your love. So what follows are 25 ways to attract a girl; attract a lesbian girl.

Go through these by one and get the deeper meaning.

If this article “how can a girl attract another girl” is really helpful, Thanks me later….

how can a girl attract another girl

Be brave to introduce

If you talk to her, even she is a stranger, it’s a huge win for you. It’s like a practice. If you are already done this, neglect this. If not you have to take courage and have some practices because it’s not easy to talk to a stranger. Remember! the first talk is valuable, so you have to find a good place and time such as a bar or a club. And be sure to give her pleasant talk, do not talk strange, be rude or over talk. Just make a usual conversation.

You have one chance

Do you like rude people? or a nerd? No! If you are being rude to her in the first step, you are done. So be pleasant to her, even if you having a bad day.

Eye contacts

very human in every nation does eye contacting. It’s something like a universal language and kind physiological thing that connect mind. Also, it’s a first step of flirting to long term relationship, depending on gaze.

Have some lovely eye contacts and when meet her gaze, hold up for a few seconds, maybe 5-10 seconds. So she will notice you and pay some attention to you.

If you are chatting with her, make sure to keep good eye contact.

NOTE: One of the most important point in this article “how can a girl attract another girl” and in your life too.

Humor is your wall breaker

Everyone likes a joke. If you can make her smile, you are off to a perfect start. Smiling reduce tension, increase the blood flow and make her comfortable. You don’t have to be a comedian, just use the time and surrounding as you need.

Phone? No!

If you want to attract the girl you want, you have to forget the mobile phone at least when you are in around her. Just talk to others, be socialized.


The question becomes so helpful for getting the conversation going. Just ask a simple question such as “Would you like to have coffee?” or “Are you employed?”.



” You are cute” or “your shoes are amazing” – It’s a major hit. Compliments are the basic of flirting. When you having the conversation, be playful and sincere and give her some compliments. But don’t be so much erotic.

Those compliments are a good signal to give your interest without being too much forward.

Don’t bother her

Flirting is not a long conversation. It just a simple one that makes her happy. Give the chance ASAP when she wants to do something else or what she was doing before you came.

If you at a public place tell her you to need to use restroom get a drink or something. This gives time to her to either find a friend, say bye to you or vanish.

If she is still in the game, babe! you are good to go.

Introduce her to your friends

It is a great way to her an idea about yourself. Also gives you and her a break.

Do what she likes

Go shopping with her or do something she wants to do with you. Help her for gardening. Make a good impression.

But don’t try to bother her, first ask for the green light.

how can a girl attract another girl

Be a good listener

Having a good listing ability is one of the beauties human characteristic. People really love them, especially us. So be a good listener and wait for your turn to speak.

Tell her

If the situation is good, tell her how you feel about her. Don’t hide anything, tell everything. But don’t beg for love.

Leave her alone

If she says “no” just leave her alone. Maybe she doesn’t have an interest in girls. Remember having a lesbian relation is easy, but finding someone interested in girls is the hardest part. So let her go.

There is a hope

Maybe… There are plenty of opportunities. Some cities have lesbian clubs, you can join or you can try an online lesbian dating option. For example tinder.

how can a girl attract another girl

NOTE: Above step are not in order. You can use those with the situation.

I hope you got an idea from this article “how can a girl attract another girl”. Don’t worry. You can find someone for sure. If you need any help, please drop it on the comment section.

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