How to be the perfect lesbian – In 4 steps

how to be the perfect lesbian

Having a girl to girl relationship is not easy, even you are together with an unbreakable bond. To keep that relationship up, both have some tasks to do. So in here I’m will show you how to be the perfect lesbian for your partner.

You must know the perfect way of communication,way of loving and affectionate without being rude.

A good girlfriend can understand her partner and she can read her by looking at her eyes.

So.. let’s jump into the point, how to be the perfect lesbian, or how to be a perfect girlfriend in girl to girl relationship.

Build her confidence

It is a necessary thing when you become a perfect lesbian partner. You have to let her feel her confidence and about your relationship.

Let her know you have a good bond with each other.

Give a compliment about her look, about things she does for you, and how she trying to impress you.

But never overdo it, otherwise, it will show up like playing games.

how to be the perfect lesbian

Keep some breaks

What does this mean? You have to spend some time with your friends too. Let’s her do that as well.

You may be too comfortable when you are together, which makes you miss a good time with friends. Losing your or her friends is a not good idea. Sometimes this seems little overreacting. But believe me, this is important.

Learn to understand

Understanding is one of the biggest point in successful and good relationships.

If you are always having big fights without disagreeing so easily or one person always subduing another’s will without saying anything, then that’s definitely not a good relationship.

Every relationship is based on giving and taking. But you can’t take it unless you give. If you want to know how to be the perfect lesbian, you have to keep this in mind.

In your relationship you should understand each other’s will, this is not a competition, you shouldn’t try to win over each other.

Try this… Even if you are right, try to look at things from your girlfriend’s point of view. Also, don’t do it too much.

Show the world

In most of the girl to girl relationships, many girls do not believe in a public display of affection.

They think they should be more private than straight girls because they are afraid of negative attention receive from society.

Show her, nothing matter than her. Hold hands and go to the public, give a lovely forehead kiss. Let her feel you are not afraid of the negative attention of society.

Try to understand her, your love is more than the whole world. No matter how hard, you will keep your promises.

Remember! If she refuses this badly, do not try to bother her.

how to be the perfect lesbian


It’s human nature that thinking about that you don’t have, but in your relationship, you have to think about your partner’s choices. Not the others. If not, your relationship becomes hell.

If you can’t devote yourself to your relationship, it’s better to end it and move on.

Don’t forget, talking is the perfect way to make a good relationship. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to talk to her.

So I hope this article “how to be the perfect” help for you. If you got anything to add, please let me know.

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