How to Clean Oxidized Metal Jewelry-BEST Methods

When water and humidity sit on your metals jewelry for a long period of time, those get a dark color, ugly and damaging surface. No matter what metal or what part of jewelry, those oxides will appear with time. So here’s how to clean oxidized metal jewelry easily.

You may more familiar with the word “rust”. Rust is referred to as the oxidized metal. Once you learn about how to clean oxidized metal jewelry, you will be able to make every piece of metal shine as new.

There are several ways to clean the oxidize in jewelry, some of them are commercial products. Also, there are plenty of items already have in your kitchen.

What is oxidized in metals?

Before we going to the cleaning part, let’s go back to our chemistry periods. Metal oxidation takes place when an oxygen-rich environment (air, water, humidity) contact with a metal surface. Its ionic chemical reaction produces oxidation which causes metal corrosion.

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What causes for oxidization of metal jewelry?

Usually, it happens because of oxygen and atmospheric moisture. Other than that chemicals and lotions such as perfumes, makeups, skin lotions, etc…

How to clean oxidized metal jewelry?

There are many methods to clean this jewelry. But in here I mention only working and easy methods for you.

Clean using white vinegar

As I mentioned above you don’t need any expensive or chemical products to do this job. All you want is a bottle of white vinegar. The acidity of white vinegar removes the oxidized materials from the metal surface.

Add white vinegar to a plastic container and soak your jewelry item in that. Keep it about 12 hours, depending on the size, material, and thick of the oxidized layer.

Remove it and clean the surface using a rough surface. Then you can see a shiny object.

how to clean oxidized metal jewelry

Clean using lemon

If really don’t care for rubbing and high acidity in vinegar, but you so badly want to know how to clean oxidized metal jewelry naturally, here is the best option for you. Lemon is the best anti oxidization agent in the natural environment all the time.

Cut a lemon into 2 pieces and rub it on your jewelry well. Then put your jewelry in a plastic container and fill it using lemon juice. Keep it no more than 2 hours.

Then clean it with a rough cloth and wash it using cold water. It will give a nice shine also a pleasant smell.

Clean using tamarind ketchup

I hope you have familiar with tamarind peas. If not you can simply buy it from your local grocery store.

Tamarind peas have a good acidic amount that removes the oxidize. Put peas in the container and mix it with water. Then put your jewelry in there and boil it for 5 minutes.

After cool down takes it and clean it using a rough piece of cloth. But do not keep it in the solution, because the solution will corrosive the metal too.

Clean using citric acid

I might not be a common household item, but you can find it at grocery or pharmacy. Drop your jewelry into a container and then pour water into it. Then put citric acid and stir it slowly.

After a few minutes, small bubbles must form around the metal. If not add more citric acid. Keep it around 4 hours and clean it using a smooth toothbrush.

Note: Citric acid remove paint too. If any jewelry has paint on it, don’t use this method.

how to clean oxidized metal jewelry

Clean using baking soda

You know baking soda, right? Usually the main ingredient of cookies. If you wish to know how to clean oxidized metal jewelry without any effort, without running to the store, here is the thing.

Put some baking soda into a bowl and place your jewelry there. Then pour water and mix it well.

Let it for around 3 hours and brush it using a smooth toothbrush. Then wash it well.

Clean using coca-cola

Yeah! That’s right. Coca-cola isn’t only for drink, it can use to clean jewelry as well.

Put some glass of coca-cola in a container and soak your jewelry in there. Keep it for at least 12 hours and clean it using a smooth toothbrush.

You will see brand new jewelry… MAGIC!

how to clean oxidized metal jewelry

Clean using toothpaste

Cleaning the jewelry using toothpaste is one of the common methods. But its success rates it about 70%. But if you think, give a try.

Wash your jewelry and put some toothpaste on to the surface. Then brush it using a smooth toothbrush well. Again wash it well.

At last…

After every method, you have to wash it well and dry it. If not metal will damage again. So if you have any doubt about these methods for “how to clean oxidized metal jewelry?”, please drop it in the comment section.

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