How to Clean Silver Rings with Stones Easy

how to clean silver rings with stones

There is a time that silver was a so much valuable metal. Valuable than the gold and diamond. Thankfully, those days were over. With the higher supply rate silver has become so much popular among jewelry lovers. Do you have a ring that tarnished? Then let’s see how to clean silver rings with stones easy at home.

In today many jewelry lovers prefer to wear silver because of so many reasons. The unique luster and reflectivity are some of them. If you were engaged, that kind of ring you are wearing? A silver one right? Yes. me too. Ladie’s jewelry box won’t fulfill without a silver one.

Silver is a durable and good oxidative resistance metal. It never oxidizes or wears off in years, last more than thousands of years. However, that’s not mean you forget about its care. Like all other kinds of jewelry, silver jewelry also need good care.

When it comes to silver ring + stone, you have to pay more attention. Because stone is the more valuable and dangerous one. So let’s find out how to clean silver rings with stones and how to care for your silver ring with stone or stones.

how to clean silver rings with stones

Handling silver jewelry

When silver is shine, it attracts things easily, such as fingerprints. This will reduce shine and look grimy. So don’t touch it unless it’s is the last option. When wearing your silver ring, try to handle it by side.

Do wear your ring before wear your cosmetics and perfumes? Its answer is yes, you should definitely change that habit. Because when you are applying those, chemicals will leave residue on the metal. Make sure you wear a silver ring after you have finished getting ready.

How to clean silver rings with stones

Cleaning a normal silver ring is an easy task, but a silver ring with a stone is not. You have to pay more attention unless you want a separate ring and stone. Stone connects to the metal by using small hooks. If it broke, the stone fell.

how to clean silver rings with stones

There are 3 best methods. Do the first one, if you didn’t get any result, go to the next one.

Method 1

You need toothpaste and a smooth toothbrush. A baby toothbrush is the best choice. First, put some toothpaste on to the silver surface of the ring. Then rub the ring carefully. Clean both the upper surface and underneath the ring.

Do not rub the stone. Then wash the ring using warm water.

Take a piece of cotton to clothe and wet it. They rub the stone without giving so much pressure.

Again wash it and dry it well.

Done! you pass the first level. Once you know how to clean silver rings with stones using this method, you can apply this for other metal jewelry as well.

Method 2

Baking soda. Homemade medicine for dying jewelry. First, put some baking soda into a glass container and put boiling water into it. Mix it well, the solution must have white precipitate on the bottom of the container.

Then take a smooth toothbrush and rub it using a baking soda solution. Brush it well. The same rules in method 1 are applied here. But you can rub the stone too.

If you think it’s clean, wash it again using warm water and dry it well.

Method 3

If the above methods don’t go right, try this one. Before that, you have to use safety precautions such as gloves, eye goggles for your own safety. Because the chemical we use here is a little bit dangerous if you have sensitive skin.

Take some caustic soda(one tablespoon) into a container and put some boiling water in it.

Then place your silver ring in that solution and stir it for about 10-15 minutes. Then take it out and wash it carefully. You will get a shiny silver ring with a stone.

Additional method

With the development of technology, companies produce an electronic device for this task. Sometimes you may already know about the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. You can clean any kind of jewelry by using this one. Now you know how to clean silver rings with stones with technology and without.


Storing you a silver ring

Silver is a hard metal, but it’s not scratches proof. If you store your ring with the other jewelry, it will rub against each other. That causes serious damages with time. Try a fabric-lined box to store the valuable jewelry and also keep a good arrangement for every jewelry.

Meet a jeweler

If your ring is so valuable to you, you must pay much care for it. Sometimes there may be tinny damages that ruin your ring instantly. That’s why you must meet a jeweler at least once for six months. They have a good eye than ours.

how to clean silver rings with stones


I hope now you will understand how to clean silver rings with stones at your home. If anything goes wrong, drop me a comment. Good luck!

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