How to Make Fake Jewelry Silver Again-BEST Methods

you can make your fake silver jewelry as shinny before. Would you like to know how to make fake jewelry silver again? Go through this guide.

Everyone has fake jewelry in their home. Because it’s comfortable and very practical. Gold and silver jewelry doesn’t get tarnished. The fact is you can make your fake silver jewelry as shinny before. Would you like to know how to make fake jewelry silver again? Go through this guide.

There are many methods to make your jewelry silver again. Silver plating, brushing, using lemon, and using baking soda solution are some of them. Other than that there are some commercial methods to do this.

But here, I’m going to reveal the BEST and EASY methods to shine your jewelry again.

So let’s jump to see how to make fake jewelry silver again… in a few easy steps…

Before you proceed

Before the start, you have to clean your jewelry well. Apply a small amount of toothpaste on a toothbrush and smudge the jewelry with that. Continue it for at least one minute.

Then clean it using warm water and dry it well.

Be sure there are not any other substances on the surface of the jewelry.

Method 01 – Silver plating method

Sound is kind of scientific, right? You may have learned this in chemistry in your high school, and some may have not. However, this is the best method to shine your fake jewelry as new.

how to make fake jewelry silver again

What is this silver plating method? Simply silver plating is, covering the subjected jewelry with silver particles. Also, we need silver for the methods.

So here is the step for the best solution for the problem of how to make fake jewelry silver again.

What do you need: Sodium carbonate(3 tablespoons), 200ml of hydrogen peroxide, 2 wires, 6v power supply(battery or charger), acetone, sandpaper, dry piece of cloth, jar

how to make fake jewelry silver again

First get a silver coin, your jewelry, and two copper wires. Connect copper wires to silver coins and jewelry well.

Now you need 3 tablespoons of sodium carbonate (you can find it at a local store or make it home by heating up the baking soda up to 370c at about 1 hour). Usually, cyanide is used for this process, but it bit difficult to find and dangerous. Also, need hydrogen peroxide for this.

Then mix sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide as a saturated solution in a separate jar.

Connect silver coin to the positive side of the power source and your jewelry to the negative side. Then place it in the solution that we made.

Connect the power source and see the bubbles are coming up. If yes, it’s working.

After one hour pull of both sides out. Clean it by using dry clothe and then scratch it with sandpaper. Dry your jewelry using a piece of cloth and using acetone.

Then place both again and do it until silver color appears on the jewelry.

Method 2- Using baking soda solution

The second method of how to make fake jewelry silver again. I think baking soda has a pretty good connection with fake jewelry. In this method, we have to use a little bit of chemistry as well.

What we need: A bowl, aluminum foil, sodium carbonate(2 tablespoons)


Take the aluminum foil and line the interior of the bowl using it. Make sure your bowl is deep enough to hold the solution.

Then mix baking soda with water and pour it into the bowl. Then place the jewelry inside the solution and keep it for about 1 hour.

Take it and wash it using warm water and dry it.

how to make fake jewelry silver again

Method 3- Using lemon, ketchup, and metal polish

This is a kind of totally homemade method, but it doesn’t give many results. However, if you won’t know how to make fake jewelry silver again, right? In that case, some of you may like this.


Take some amount of lemon juice and place your jewelry in it. Then keep it for around one hour and wash it using water.

Then place it on ketchup and do the same thing above.

After drying take metal polish on to the piece of sponge and rub it well on your jewelry.

Now you are Done!

Method 4- Using the silver polish

There are some easy solutions around. But those are the best solutions as well. You can find silver plating bottles in the local market, if not you can buy it from the internet.

You can rub it on your silver jewelry using a piece of sponge. Not need to wash, just clean it and see the difference.

At last…

There are 4 methods for you. But in my experience 1st is the best. So you can try all 4. I hope “how to make fake jewelry silver again” helpful.

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