How to overcome post-graduate depression – Symptoms and solutions for overcome

Depression is the most common mental disorder among university student as well as university leavers. Believe me, I had the same problem, because I was a university student too. So let me show how to overcome post-graduate depression with few steps.

Many students do hard work with the help of sleeping pills, red bulls and weed. But after getting a degree this will entirely change. Some will get this post-graduation depression. For them, post-graduation is a scary nightmare.

Remember! This post-graduation not really in books, but you and I know that exists.

” what should I do now?” “What kind of job I will get?” “my job application keeps rejecting” “how should I leave my colleges”, these are the problems in your mind right?

Well, let’s find out how could we overcome this. I will write this simple as I could.

What will cause for post-graduate depression?

Some factors cause for post-graduate depression. Mainly,

  • Thought of you are not getting a job / tired of many job interviews
  • Afraid of your grades, you are not good enough
  • Losing the connection with your friends and loving ones
  • Changing your lifestyle and freedom
  • Afraid of the job you are getting, that you are compatible with it

Enlight me if I missed one. Above factors will mainly cause for post-graduation depression and make your life like hell. According to the studies, 4% of students have this after getting their graduation.

How to overcome post-graduate depression

What are the symptoms of post-graduate depression?

There are many symptoms. I will mention them here. Carefully check your status.

  • Change of lifestyle
  • Loneliness
  • Sadness
  • Hopelessness
  • Decreasing the food consumption
  • Lose interest in applying for a job
  • Lose the motivation
  • Jealous of your colleges
  • Messy head

Above are the few symptoms of post-graduation depression. You will feel something is not right, but you cannot figure it out. Am I right?

For check you have depression or not, get a piece of paper and write everything you feel now. Then compare with above.

How to overcome the post-graduate depression?

There are many ways to overcome depression, post-graduate depression. Let’s try it one by one.

1. Are you afraid of career? or keep rejecting in the job interview? If yes, let’s find out someone had the same problem.For a example, do you know Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, he had the same issue. Read his story here. Why you cannot? You have skills, why don’t you become your own boss. Try it simple. Try it harder and harder.

If you want a job, find out why you keep rejecting. If you can fix it, then fix it and apply again.

2. If you are afraid of your grade, please do not. Grade won’t help when you go to the field. Skill help you. For example, software engineering depends on their skills, not the degree.

3. You will lose a close connection with friends after graduation. That should happen. If you only care about friendship connection, you will lose your life. Find a good career, make your life better. You can have a meetup every weekend in a bar, restaurant or a hotel.

4. Your lifestyle change after leaving university. You will lose your past freedom, life with a friend, the fun you got, lectures, hostel life etc… This is hard for you. But you have to face reality. Think about the life you will get in future. Wife/husband, kids.. You have to keep going.

5. Will I get my dream job? You will have an idea of getting a high-level job or something you have a dream of. First, do some research. Find an uncommon path or path that can go to your dream. Sometimes it will not be easy. But never give up.

6. Talk to a friend of what you having in your mind. Don’t be afraid. If you do not have one, talk to me. I’m sure they will help you.

How to overcome post-graduate depression


Ok. I hope this tutorial, “how to overcome post-graduate depression” is helpful for you. If you want to talk more, do not hesitate to drop me a message.

BSc (Hons) Physical chemistry. A lecturer. A friend. Good listener. Try to help people using what I've got.

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