Run from These Foods If You have Depression-Foods Not Good for Depression

Foods Not Good for Depression

Do you feel happy when you eat? Yes, right? Foods make everyone’s mood better. But not all foods are suitable for everyone. People who have depression should avoid some food for their good. So these foods not good for depression, those will make it harder to cure.

Those foods are kind of popularity among people. It may be not harmful to them, but not you. The foods we take help for every move of your body. Thinking, memory storage, singing, drawing, running etc…. In that case, depression is a part of a body too, so could you understand the connection now?

Ok, no more talking… Let’s find out what are the foods not good for depression.


You may be familiar with the world gluten. It is the glue-like coating (protein layer) found in the various grains. Bread wheat, barley, rye, and oats are main sources of that.

Gluten is the main source of body inflammatory, immunology and autoimmune of people. Not only those, but It can also cause depression, seizures, headaches, anxiety, nerve damage and around 200 damages for your body.

So be sure to use a gluten-free diet for your daily consumption.

 foods not good for depression

GMO’s / GMP’s

Genetically modified organisms and genetically modified plant are increasing in daily food consumption. This happens because of many reasons. One is a good profit.

But these heavily consist of chemicals like pesticides and various hormones. Taking these products will add those chemicals to our body. That will change your cell metabolism and become a reason for depression.

 foods not good for depression


Sugar is one of the most usable product all over the world. It is very addictive and gets the higher place of the foods not good for depression list.

Average daily sugar consumption is 3 tablespoons. This amount handle by the body (insulin). If you take more sugar, the body has to reduce it and balance the blood sugar level. For that brain has to produce more hormones and it becomes too busy. This will cause depression.

Not only depression but also has many side effects. So have less sugar.

 foods not good for depression

Processed foods

Processed foods include meat, grains, vegetables, cookies etc… Simply food that cooked using vegetable or animal oil. Those are highly heated and highly pressured. In that process chemistry of the food get change and those are harmful to the body.

Other than that, oils make a similar problem. It contains high fat and taking too much will change the body chemistry too.


Salt is a necessary nutrient for the body, but taking too much make your body dehydrated. Dehydration causes the concentration lost. This is the main symptom of depression.

Do not take more than half a tablespoon for a day.


Most of the people who have depression try to solve it using alcohol. But alcohol directly affects the central nervous system and it can change your mentality. If you feel sad, taking alcohol make it worst. That’s why people are trying to suicide after they taking the alcohol.

So if you are depressed, you are feeling sad or you are in a low mood, try to avoid this food at least for 1 week. It will tough for a few days, but you will be used to it.

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