Sad in the morning? – It could be morning depression

morning depression

Do you experiencing the sadness, loneliness and low mood on every morning you wake up? Don’t you even have a chance to remove the bedsheet? It could be morning depression. That’s mean you are not alone.

Why depression is greater in the morning?

Depression is the most common mental disorder in the world. But morning depression is not. So let’s find out more about it.

What is morning depression?

Morning depression also knows as diurnal mood variation. There is no explanation for this. But some researches say it’s a unique mental disorder and other’s says it’s a side effect of extreme depression.

However, this is a bad condition, because it’s growing severe day by day. That’s why this one requires immediate medical attention.

If you feeling sad in the morning, angry, fatigued, hopeless or feeling low in the morning, means you may have morning depression condition.

morning depression

What are the symptoms of morning depression?

People who have this mental disorder also could have extreme depression. So these kinds of people could have extreme depression’s symptoms too.

However, If you have at least 3 or 4 symptoms, you must seek medical attention before it becomes worst.

The main symptoms are…

+ Difficult to wake up – You cannot open your eyelids or it’s very hard.

+ Could get out – difficult to get out of bed or move.

+ Change of sleep – Maybe fewer hours of sleep than usual or maybe lots of hours (hypersomnia).

+ Hard to concentrate/focus – You couldn’t focus on one thing, especially in the morning.

+ Lack of energy – Difficult to do usual works such as having a bed tea, cleaning up etc..

+ Low mood – Having a low mood, sadness throughout the day, starting from the morning.

+ Headache

Other symptoms are (These also related to the extreme depression)…

+ Fatigue

+ Difficult to sleeping

+ Change of appetite (increase or reduce. depend on the person)

+ Weight loss

+ Feeling loneliness

+ Suicide and self-harm thoughts ( worst stage of the depression)

These symptoms may change day by day. But It doesn’t mean you are recovering.

Reasons for the morning depression

There are many causes for this. It may be your family matter, relationships, career or something else.

+ Change of circadian rhythm – Circadian rhythm is the process that controls some inside processes of the body, such as sleep. Melatonin is the hormone in this process that help’s the sleeping process. Changing this than usual bring you the morning depression.

+ Drugs/ alcohol – Addiction to the various drugs and alcohol will directly affect.

+ Family matters – Losing someone, family breakup, etc…

+ Relationship problems – Such as breakups.

+ Low blood sugar level

+ Medical conditions – Such as genetic problems, chronic pain, ADHD and anxiety.

+ Trauma – This can be one of the main reason for the condition of depressed every morning.

Tiredness and the morning depression are not the same.

How to beat morning depression?

Now you know the connection between the depression and the morning. Getting rid of this can be divided into 2 parts. First one is treatment can do by yourself and the second is seeking medical help.

Treatments by yourself

+ Comfortable sleep – Having a good sleep will be the best solution. Darkening the bedroom, comfortable temperature and reducing the hard noises etc..

+ Drink a glass of water – Drink a glass of water (around 250ml) at least 10 minutes before sleep.

+ Early preparation – Ready the stuff need for the next day and write down the schedule of the day.

+ Having good sleep – Having at least 7 hours of sleep is one of the best medicine.

+ Keep the alarm – Keep an alarm. Wake up early. Then you will have no rush.

+ Meditating – Try something that makes you calm such as yoga.

If this doesn’t work, try to find professional support. Especially If you are getting the suicidal thoughts.

morning depression

Treatments by professionals

+ Psychotherapy

+ Medications

+ Brain exercises

+ Light therapy

+ Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

Foods to help morning depression

Other than the above treatments, you can change the food what you take. It will be a great help for beating the depression in the morning.

+ Avoiding the taking of coffee before going to sleep

+ Avoiding the using of alcohol

+ Having dinner without artificial foods

Foods you should avoid If you have the depression.


Like the other mental disorder, morning depression also treatable. If you think it getting worst, please contact a doctor ASAP…

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