What is Depression Feel Like-You may have this

what is depression feel like

In today’s society people used to tell “I am sad”, “I’m depressed”, “I feel low” etc.. when they got a small problem. But depression is not a circumstance that should be taken lightly or simply mentioned. So let’s find out what is depression feel like and how depressed people take this.

Depression is so serious, The World Health Organization predicts that by 2030, it will become the most widespread disease in the world. According to the estimates of that organization, 264 million depressed people can found around the world. Approximately 1 in 20 US citizens are diagnosed with depression.

When depression becomes the worst stage, people with depression try to suicide. Approximately 800 000 people die every year.

What is why you should have a clear understanding of depressed people, what is depression feel like and how to identify the depressed people for help someone with depression or maybe you.

what is depression feel like
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What is depression?

Although commonly referred to as “depression”, but there are several depression disorders. But all these disorders have many common features. These differ by the duration of diagnosis, duration of effect, and type of depression. Nevertheless, all depressive symptoms share some commonalities.

Hence, this article is going to discuss it from now on.

If you or a loved one exhibits symptoms of sadness, anxiety, emptiness, various pain and physical symptoms that affect you for more than two weeks, it is wise to read more and more about depression.


Depression is a common mental illness that is common to anyone but a serious mental disorder. If someone got depression it can negatively affect thinking, emotions, homework and career. To be diagnosed with depression, you need to show at least five or more symptoms for at least two weeks.

One of the main symptoms of depression is sadness. This can often be observed throughout the day. Sometimes the person concerned may feel sad and alone, empty, or useless. Otherwise, they may observe others in a sad or depressing mood.

Another symptom of this is, they may feel that what they used to do in the past is no longer enjoyable. As an example, your friend used to watch movies a lot, but now it may become a boring thing for him/her.

And depressed people think they are useless, feeling that you are a burden to them and because of that they felt like they are guilty. Other than that vanishing of creativity, focus and difficulty of decision making are some other symptoms of depression. These symptoms directly affect to the day to life and career.

Eat more? Sleepless?

When someone gets into depression, their diet can be changed. The popular view is that “eat less” when got the depression. But this varies from person to person. When one’s appetite increases, another’s appetite may fall. Significant body weight gain or loss (more than 5% of weight in a month) is the most common one. A depression headache is also a common symptom among these people.

The risk of suicide

This is one reason why depression-related illnesses are taken seriously. This is why you should know “what is depression feel like”.

A person who has depression may constantly have thoughts of suicide. These thoughts come to mind with or without a suicide plan. Trying to commit suicide are common around the world. Do you remember the recent wave of young people committing suicide?

Although these are the main symptoms of depression, there are many other symptoms, including physical pain and disability, that have no obvious cause.

what is depression feel like

How much?

Depression can affect 4.1% – 7% of the world population. Some research reports say it is as high as 11.2%. This is often accompanied by another mental or personality disorder, such as OCD, or restrictive personality disorder.

Approximately 50% of people with anxiety disorders, About 66% of people with OCD, 10-30% of people with a borderline personality disorder may have been diagnosed with depression.

Almost 30% of people who are addicted to alcohol/alcoholism, between 50% and 85% of people with personality disorders may also have depression.

Who is at risk?

People with neuromuscular behavior are the ones who are most at risk for depression. Because of their behavior, depression can happen when they are in stressful situations.

Having a stressful childhood or living environment or having a close relative with depression, increases the risk of getting depression. Depression can also be genetic. If one has a close relative who has depression, he/she has a 40% chance of contracting it.

In the novels, the depressed person is said to be sleeping all day. But this also varies from person to person. Some may be sleeping through the day, some may be sleeping unusually long, and maybe awake from time to time.

Treatment for depression?

If depression is detected early, psychological counseling may help. However, if the condition is serious, the disease can be controlled by psychotherapy and medication.

At last…

If one of your close friends is showing signs of depression, don’t ignore the situation as “that’s how he/she is”. Getting the right treatment as soon as possible and keeping a close watch on him can help minimize the risk of harm to his or her life.

If you are reading this article and feel that you have these symptoms, tell your friend or confidant. Ask for help.

Without proper treatment, meditation, treatment, neglect of medication, or misuse of medication can worsen depression and even kill you.


Does anyone you know show these symptoms?

“I’m depressed” “Feeling low” “I am sad” “I feel sad” “low mood” “headache” “I feel sad for no reason” “I feel so depressed” “feeling so sad”

If someone says above these, pay some attention for him/her. Helping someone with depression is a good thing you can do in your lifetime.

I hope this article “what is depression feel like” help for you. Anything to share, please drop it on comment section.

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