You are at risk! – Social media and depression

Social media and depression

Do you feel sad or angry after using social media? or do you feel it if you unable to go there? If yes, probably you may have social media depression. So let’s check it out how social media and depression connect.

Humans are usually socialized kind. They like to interact with each other. With the starting of the 21st century, this one becomes more and more popular. Busy schedule and social distancing mainly cause for that.

Facebook become the turning point of social media. Over 77% of US citizens using Facebook and would you imaging the other social media usages? Yes, It is pretty high.

Now a day most of them are make social media as a part of their lifestyle. For example, some job interviewers check their applicant’s social media profiles to get details about them. So it becomes a measurement of people’s character.

Other than that there are some group of people who are attached to social media. 90% of these are teenagers. They feel the low mood, loneliness and depress when they couldn’t unable to reach their accounts. Some become so angry and some feel like they are burning. This depends on person to person.

SO, can social media cause depression? Yes, social media can cause depression. It’s bad, make your life worst.

Now let’s go for how social media and depression connected.

How social media affects mental health?

>Reasons for social media depression

There are many causes of social media depression. Among them, some of them are common for everyone. Other causes vary from person to person. At first, let’s find about common reasons for social media depression.

+ Fear of missing out (FOMO) – Do you ever see people check their mobile every few minutes. They must be in some kind of hurry or another personal matter else they may have this FOMO. You can see the meaning “fear of missing out”. FOMO will convey it cannot wait, though small notification also needs immediate attention. The thing missing those will lose their life too. And they think others are having a good time than you are. This is the most common reason for social media that link to depression.

+ Using social media as a shield – Many of those depressed people use social media as their shield. Whenever they feel anxious, awkward, or lonely, try to use social media to get relief. Yes, they can get relief, but if used to this, they cannot face the real-life situation.

+ Cover for other issues – People try to cover up their physical and mental issues by using social media, such as boredom, stress and depression. They feel the low mood, lonely and depressed when they are using social media for a long time. Because they may be using it to distract other personal problem.

+ Jealous – This effect most for women. And 20% of men’s too. They feel jealous about a friend, crush, ex-bf/gf, strangers or celebrities who have a good life, wealth, appearance than theirs. Thinking too much cause for the depression effect on social media.

+ Bullying – Bullying also could happen in social media. If someone with a good fan base or not, face bullying by their friends or others. This happens by small mistake done by them and other users keep verbally abuse them. Death of K-pop star Sulli, is a good example for that.

+ Likes shares comments – If you uploaded a new profile picture on Facebook and you are getting only 1 like. But your friend getting 200+ likes and 50+ comments. What do you think? Your mood will low and feel sad. Those people depend on how much reactions they get. If they haven’t got than expected, they will become so depressed.

+ Blue light – They blue light emitted from your mobile or PC screen directly effect to the brain. It stimulates various unnecessary neurones and changes your mood.

Remember! social media cannot replace the connection of real-world social connection.

>Signs of social media depression

There are many symptoms of social media depression. It’s kind of hard to identify. Because it becomes worst if isn’t look for help. If someone you know become change, if they check their mobiles frequently, if they try to stay alone with their mobile phones etc.. this may be an early sign of social media depression.

+ Feeling angry – If someone unable to log in to their social media accounts for a few hours, they become so angry.

+ Feeling alone – When they surfing on social media and they feel loneliness, it may be a sign of they become depressed.

+ Losing the physical activities – One of the most common signs of the connection of social media and depression. These kinds of person’s like to stay away from every physical activity like sports, hobbies etc.. and prefer to stay with their mobile PC.

+ Out of focus – They will lose their focus and concentration for other works such as studies. The only thing they are thinking is when do I get my phone or PC.

+ Sleeping disorder – They will lose their usual sleeping pattern because of social media. Research shows that 60% of teenagers use mobile phones in the last hour before sleep. This blue light directly affects your sleep and stay them awake.

+ Headache – Depression headache is a common symptom of depression. In the first few minutes, if they getting a headache, probably they are having depression.

Social media and depression

>How to get rid of social media depression

Now we know the connection between social media and depression, causes and symptom. It is necessary to find out how we get rid of this and will help you or your relative or a friend. It is smart for you to guide them toward the way of change it.

+ Keep the balance – make sure to they have social interaction without mobile or PC. Also make them engage with physical activities, homework, hobbies and other kinds of stuff.

+ Mute the notification – Get rid of instant notification at least get rid of the depression.

+ Teach – Let them know there is an outside world than the social media and outside world is so much happier than it. Teach them what happens if they continue using it without any limit.

+ Having a good connection – Most teenagers addict to social media because of low connection with their family, friends and lovers. So try to have a good connection with them.

+ No phone before sleeping – Try to reduce using of mobile in the bed before sleeping.

Social media and depression

>Most common types of social media depressions

  • Facebook depression
  • Instagram depression
  • Reddit depression
  • Snapchat depression


I hope you got an idea of the connection between social medial and depression. If you want to add something, please drop it on the comment section.

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