Your Crush – 9 Unmistakable Female to Female Attraction Signs

female to female attraction signs

Unless you have superpowers to read mind, It is impossible to know what other person’s thoughts are. In normal life, it is totally fine. But if you are confused about whether a girl has feeling for you or not, it will be hard for you. That is why I’m going to reveal amazing female to female attraction signs for you.

Maybe you are flirting with your coworker or someone you know, and waiting to that tinny fling turn in to a real relationship or you having a friendship with someone and you want to go beyond that. Maybe you having some different scenario. No matter what situation, female body language signs of attraction is quite similar.

Remember! there is no science for how these cases work, love or attraction cannot define by science. These are sensible.

So let’s hope into the these female to female attraction signs.

Eye contact is the first of female to female attraction signs

This one is scientifically proved one. Eye contacts are the basic step of the attraction and helpful on female to the female attraction.

You can notice easily if she looking at you for eye contact and be sure to make your gaze into her. That will really helpful for you.

Laughing and smiling

If a girl on to you she will be smiling lot at you and laughing a lot even a stupid joke you made that aren’t that much fun. It is a kind of unique for a woman’s sign of attraction.

Sometimes she may try to make you laugh, that means she is trying to impress you and she wants to make a good impression about herself.

female to female attraction signs

She touches you a lot

Breaking the touch barrier is the real thing. A simple touch becomes a turning point of a mutual attraction.

Some researches have shown that simple touch into a female body can bring that relationship from the friend zone to flirting zone.

So maybe she tries to make that touch as a natural way. For example, she is sitting next to you and she trying to grab a something and accidentally she touches your shoulder. BOOM!

She is trying to convey to you

When comes to the female to female attraction, simply a lesbian attraction, there are some unique attraction features. This also that kind of sign of attraction.

In this case, she is trying to convey about how she feels about women, how good are it and many more to convey she is a lesbian or a bisexual.

Pay a lot of attention for you

This works in different ways. One is when you are talking, she wants to know more about you. Your interests, hobbies, favourite Netflix show, how often do you drink and more. She really asks questions a lot.

Another way is she focuses on every tinny thing that you are saying. For example, your pet’s name, what your plans on the weekend etc..

You can easily identify that when you start to talk she naturally start to focus on you. It’s a natural female attraction sign of someone who has a crush on the other person.

female to female attraction signs


Teasing in a playful way to convey she has an interest in you. It’s kind of natural effect that out of control.

If a girl does this lot only with you, probably it may be a female to female attraction sign.

Show interest in the things you like

Another good sign of female to the female attraction. She is really interested in what you are interested in. She tries to buildup a bond with you.

That helps her to have more and more conversations with you and is also a good way to impress you.

For example, if you are like to watch more Netflix, she also tries to make it as her favourite.

Being awkward or nervous

This one totally depends on person to person. Some will talk too much, someone won’t speak a single word, talk fast or blushing etc.. Because she wants to impress you but she afraid of errors.

If you pay attention carefully, you will notice this quick.

Social media behaviour is a mirror of female to female attractions signs

Social media is a great help for related cases. This is a perfect female to female attraction sign. In this case, if she added you, like your posts, comment or watch your stories every damn one, girl! you are good to go.

Extra tip: If someone likes you, she likes to watch your selfies and stories. So be sure to add something about her too. That will be a perfect mutual attraction sign for both.

At last…

So girls here is my opinion. But remember, If you like her, let her do the job. DO NOT convey you know this stuffs. Do not make her disappointed.

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